About us

My story with Aspenridge Construction Ltd. started in 2000 with my first job in construction as a carpenter working for Park Lane Developments in Port Moody, BC. After a couple of years I started to take on renovations, kitchen/bathrooms, additions, decks and what ever was thrown at me.  This was challenging however I never forgot about the importance of education.  As a result, I endeavored to become an active participant of the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association and regularly take courses and seminars put on by the building industry to keep me on top of the latest trends.   We are now a licensed BC builder and registered to offer home owners protection insurance ( HPO 2-5-10 Home Owners Protection Office) for new home construction.

You can rest assured we are not ‘fly by night-ers’. We do everything above board in a legal, ethical and responsible manner. It is my hope we can do business together and help bring value and excitement back into your home. Please contact us for a consultation about your plans as soon as possible. We are always booked into the future so there is no better time to start than now.

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