Testimonials and Accolades

What our clients have to say about us!

Charter Hill Drive project, Coquitlam 2014.

We hired Gary Ferrer of AspenRidge construction to oversee our kitchen and family room renovation in the Spring of 2014. From our very first meeting to discuss the scope of the work, through to the project’s completion, Gary continually impressed us with his thoughtful approach, extensive knowledge, attention to detail, clear communication, and commitment to quality.  Gary, his project manager Tom, and every tradesman they brought in to our home were punctual, professional, efficient, and performed superior work. We absolutely love our new space and we have received many compliments on the job Gary and his crew completed for us. We highly recommend AspenRidge construction to anyone considering a home renovation. Thank you, Gary, for doing such an outstanding job. We look forward to working with you again soon to oversee our bathroom renovations. Now that we have found someone who truly cares about the customer’s experience throughout the process, as well as their satisfaction with the end result, we can’t imagine entrusting our future renovation projects to anyone else.



Jodi and Scott Phillips


Hawthorn Project, Port Moody BC, 2012.

Thank you, Gary for doing such a super job installing our new hardwood floor!  We are most impressed with your professional capabilities, punctuality and clear communication skills – from removing the old carpeting to moving furniture and finally, the installation itself.   The floor looks not only beautiful, but perfect! Your attention to detail is remarkable, as is your wide knowledge of all matters related to the work at hand.  You can be sure we will call on you again for any renovation projects we might have in the future.

Many thanks.

Anne Brevig  & Martin Vennesland,Port Moody, B.C.


Shawna Way Project, Coquitlam BC, 2011.

We hired Gary Ferrer last spring (2011) to complete a very extensive home renovation in a relatively short period of time. It was a daunting project as, among other things, the renovation included a complete re-wire of the house, new HVAC, kitchen, removing walls, installing windows that previously did not exist and reinforcing areas of the foundation and structure. Including demolition all of this work was completed within the time frame of 5 months. During the project Gary continually impressed us with his professionalism, knowledge, dedication and organization. We have been extremely pleased with the end result and were especially appreciative that the job was done within our desired time frame.

C&D Wood, Coquitlam.


Hixon Crt, North Vancouver project 2011:

Gary, it was a pleasure to work with yourself and Tom.  Your efficiency and attention to detail made this experience practically pain-free for us, and your craftsmanship was superb!  You have a very skilled, professional team working with you – able to overcome all problems encountered during the project.  We are so pleased with the way it turned out.  Your team were very conscientious not to disturb our daily lives and the most impressive part was that you completed the project on time and on budget!  Well done Gary – we will enjoy our new space for many years to come!

A very satisfied client – The Watkins Family “


Project Campion Pl, Port Moody 2010/2011:

Here we go…all true…!

Having just moved to the area we bought a house that we had grand plans for, but the problem was who would help us to realise them? We had no local contacts and called a few contractors up. After meeting Gary we chose Aspenridge. He discussed in detail what we wanted, our budget, time constraints and ideas. Having already completed several successful kitchen renovations, Gary also helped us to design the kitchen, giving pointers on cabinetry, lighting, colours, styles and so forth. All this before we’d even signed a contract. We contracted Aspenridge to fill in a door and re-side the house, refurbish a bathroom, re-tile a hallway and completely renovate the kitchen (demolition, new electrics, new ceiling, new plumbing, new lighting, new flooring, new cabinetry and so on). Throughout the project Gary and his team were polite, helpful, professional, hardworking and prompt. The workplace was cleaned every night and Gary would go over what had happened that day, suggest alternatives and point out any potential problems and solutions. We appreciated being kept abreast of the progress and liked that we could change our minds as the project went along…  The entire project came in on schedule and to the budget that we set.  So for us, we found what we wanted – Good builders, who you can trust, are honest and above all else, do a fantastic job. We will be recommending Gary and his team to anyone who has a home renovation project. Genuine, hardworking and dedicated. Thanks for your efforts, we will be in touch with more jobs for you soon!

Richard & Kirsty, Port Moody

Project April Road, Port Moody 2009:

In the spring of 2009 my wife and I were searching for contractors who could help us with renovations that we wanted to do on our home. We had heard many horror stories and had waited several extra years after moving to the Greater Vancouver area in an effort to find somebody reliable and honest.  We had tried the ‘word of mouth’ approach by asking other people if they knew of anybody that was talented and trustworthy and had contacted recommended contractors, but more often than not, they seemed to express little interest, and many times didn’t even call us back to discuss our plans for renovation after they said they would.

Having been through both the renovation and home building experience before, I admit that I was rather jaded in my attitude.  I was not looking forward to another nightmare of doing business with people who were seemingly only moderately competent at their trade, couldn’t carry through with a task as specified, may not show up for work on time, or at all, and who I doubted would have the necessary creativity and innovation to help me maximize the function and aesthetic appeal of my home while minimizing financial outlay.

My previous experiences had shown it to be necessary to watch closely to make sure that a contractor did not take shortcuts in construction that he thought I would be too ignorant of construction to notice, and too timid to challenge him on.  I was mentally girding myself for another period of confrontation and unpleasantness that must be endured to prevent a finished product resembling what Holmes on Homes finds when he begins a renovation on TV.

Lucky for us, we had a homebuilders’ association handbook from a home show and began to research websites, narrowing down our search to include Gary Ferrer’s company, Aspenridge Construction Ltd. Within 24 hours, he returned our call and a few days later arrived for our first meeting.

Gary turned out to be polite and articulate in helping us to explore alternatives and to crystallize our ideas into attractive and realistic options.  He also described the business and contractual arrangements necessary to get started on a project of this nature.  We were impressed by his disciplined and well documented approach.  A few weeks later, the process began. During the course of the project, an additional complicating factor became evident.  As the design evolved, and detailed decisions became necessary, Gary became a witness to the lively husband and wife discussions that would ensue to decide how some objective was to be accomplished.  He would patiently listen to both of our ideas, take the time to understand our differing viewpoints, and calmly explain the pros and cons of both of our approaches.  He seemed to understand why we each felt the way we did, and was able with diplomacy and a touch of humour to provide a practical and creative way to move forward and achieve an optimum result.  He was always able to advise us on what was desirable, possible, or impractical, backing it up with solid reasons based upon finances, architecture, engineering, building code, or aesthetic appeal.

As the project progressed and we all got to know each other and the possibilities better, we came up with new ideas that simply hadn’t been considered at the outset of the project.  What resulted were changes in project scope.  While this can cause chaos on some projects, it worked instead to clarify and solidify our original vision and add additional unforeseen value.  This was due to two main reasons:  a disciplined and documented change management process; and the fact that Gary and his key people are thinkers.   Tom Hughes, Gary’s second in command, was especially good at seeing the bigger picture beyond the project, and was unusually adept at thinking outside the box, proposing solutions that made you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  These solutions were priceless in making future added value possible that would not have been possible otherwise.

One of Gary’s strong suits is finding and hiring others that share the same passion for excellence and integrity that he has.  Another key member of his team was Richard Elder who demonstrated technical expertise, attention to detail, and the same think ahead approach that made his carpentry not just well done, but superior. As well as hiring exceptional individuals, Gary contracted with exceptional companies.  One of these companies was Tom Meyer’s Contour Landscape Installation & Design.   Tom, like Gary, also had to referee some design sessions between my wife and I, but managed to creatively exploit both of our ideas to design and implement a landscape solution that made both of us very happy.

Special mention must also go to:

•    Guy/Jay, from Headwater Management, who as an accomplished excavation contractor clearly saw the big picture in the early stages and made it possible for us to accomplish much more than originally envisioned.
•    Raul/Alan , from Eecol Electric, who listened to our special electrical and lighting ideas and introduced us to new and innovative lighting technology that we didn’t know existed, thereby making it possible to accomplish our unique objectives.

Even a team of highly motivated and talented people make mistakes from time to time, but because Gary worked alongside his team and was available and involved, most problems were prevented before they had a chance to become an issue.

Most of the issues that did arise were in the supplier realm. These involved a supplier not providing a product that was specified, or delivering late or damaged goods.  Gary however, was meticulous in immediately inspecting all products that were delivered for accuracy of specification and quality, and dealing with a problem at once.

Gary is not shy about addressing problems, but does so in a way that is both diplomatic and constructive, while leaving no misunderstanding about how and why the problem occurred, making sure that it won’t occur again.  There was one issue during the project where one particular sub-contractor “just didn’t get it” after being provided with multiple attempts to perform their job function correctly. At an appropriate and fair point for all involved, Gary advised the sub-contractor that they had taken it as far as necessary, and then others on his team took over and finished the job properly. During the course of the project Gary’s natural leadership ability left no doubt as to who was in charge.  I noted, more than once, that the people on his team both respected and liked him.  What higher praise can a leader have?

Since the job completed, Gary has kept in touch with us to make sure that everything is still satisfactory and that a few warranty items get resolved as soon as possible. Gary oversaw our project continuously and meticulously, checked all work that was done, and was never hesitant to improve on things as he saw fit.  He kept us informed, apprised us of options as each step unfolded, and offered us sage advice, as well.  I have the utmost respect for his integrity, diplomacy, dedication to excellence, and professionalism.

The end result has exceeded our expectations.  We now have a home with curb appeal, a beautiful garage, a large, sturdy deck, newly landscaped front and back yards and a welcoming front entranceway.  The house has had one fine makeover and the new addition seamlessly blends in with the rest of the house.

We love our ‘new home’ and highly recommend Gary and the Aspenridge Construction Team!

Sincerely, Jeff Poste and Maria Primavera. Port Moody, BC.


Project Marine Dr, Burnaby 2008.  From Nightmare to Realizing a Dream

Our first renovation in 1994 was a horror story. We added a second floor to our 1948 bungalow and a year later, with subcontractors knocking on our door begging for their money, we had to take our general contractor to court to finish. In 2008, with a leaking roof and gutters and sagging decks apparently held together by paint, we were forced to renovate again. Having learned from a building inspector about the Greater Vancouver Homebuilder’s Association, a quality control association for renovators, we acted as our own general contractor this time and hired separate GVHBA members to re-do our roof, gutters and decks. Having hired Gary Ferrer’s Aspenridge Construction Ltd to rebuild our decks, if we had our time again we would have hired Gary to oversee all three projects. The new roof and gutters work well, but Gary’s gift for creative problem solving foresaw difficulties with the re-roofing and gutter design that we will need to address in the future.

My husband and I cannot speak highly enough about the professionalism, honesty, ability and courtesy of Gary Ferrer and Aspenridge Construction, not to mention the excellent sub-trades he deals with. The contract we signed listed in detail the work and resources we would be paying for, and the amount of the contract was what we paid, plus any unexpected add-ons that came up as renovations progressed. He kept to his building schedule, answered all calls the same day, was open to unexpected changes and each day the work site was left tidy. Gary is a perfectionist and amongst other skills, an excellent carpenter and tiler himself, with a “building envelope” speciality that addressed with ingenuity, technical ability and an eye for beauty the problem of our leaking decks being part of our roof system.

Working with Gary gave us the assurance to hire Aspenridge this year to completely gut and remodel our kitchen, which was completed on time and within budget. Thanks to Gary’s competence, resourcefulness, integrity and sense of humour, what could have been another nightmare became instead the realization of a dream.

Kate Gordanier-Smith


Project NW3331 Fenton Courts, Ladner 2006.

Re: Condo remediation project, exterior deck 301 and 3 rd floor exterior walkway at 4988 47a Ave, Delta BC .

Gary , on behalf of all of us here at Fenton’s Court I want to thank you for a job well done. Your personal care to explain the surprises that occurred along the way and how the job was progressing was greatly appreciated. Your crew was courteous to owners and competent in their work and given the weather conditions they had to deal with this winter, an outstanding group. The end result of your work was better than expected from my point if view. When we have another project, I hope you will be available to do it.  Regards, Peter Stanger
[former Strata President]


Project Fenton Courts from Architect:

May 09, 2007

To whom it may concern:

Re: Aspenridge Construction Ltd.

I have recently had the privilege of working with Gary Ferrer of Aspenridge Construction Ltd.  The project in question was modest but complex, involving replacement of an existing exterior walkway and deck in an existing srata building that was occupied throughout construction.

I found Gary’s company’s work to be of excellent quality.  He is knowledgeable about building envelope matters and did an excellent job of integrating the remediated areas with the existing construction.  The work was largely executed during the worst of the 2006-07 winter storms, and his temporary measures resulted in minimum disruption and inconveniences for residents.

At the recent completion of the project, I only identified two minor deficiencies during my final review, and Gary has been quick to deal with them.

In summary, I believe Gary’s company represents little risk to a warranty provider.  In addition to his and his crews’ excellent building envelope knowledge, he operates in a professional manner that emphasizes good communication with professionals and owners alike.  I hope to work with Gary on future projects.

Yours truly,

Morrison Hershfield Limited

per Brian Palmquist, MAIBC MRIAIC BEP CP LEED A.P.

Senior Architect.

Project Timbercrest, Port Moody 2005

Dear Gary,

We are very happy with the various renovations you have undertaken on our house over the past 5 years (Legal basement suite, sound proofing, main house and master bathroom). We are equally happy with the service received to fix deficiencies developed after some time. Since these were major renovations, my husband and I feel very comfortable to recommend you to anyone wishing to undertake a major renovation. Good luck and thank you again.

Nelly Timmers 47 Timbercrest Dr Port Moody BC


Project: Chambord Pl. Dear Gary,

We are very pleased with our beautiful new tile floor. Your workers were polite and punctual, and you worked with us to arrange the meetings and work days around our schedule. The finished product is high quality and I would definitely recommend Aspenridge Construction to others.

Sincerely, Donna Turner, Vancouver BC


From Laura Haaksma

Hi Gary,

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.  First we would like to let you know a few things I hope you find helpful.  As a self employed person myself, I know the value in being professional, punctual and good people skills.  I just want to let you know that out of 5 other companies we contacted you were by far superior. You were the only one to show up on time upon our first scheduled meeting (which I appreciated cuz it showed you valued my time as well), you were well presented (believe me others were not and even tho you hope no one judges your work on that people do), you were super professional and able to articulate yourself well (again others were not), etc.  You actually were the only one to follow thru (sad hey).  All the other companies showed an interest in doing the job and none even got back to us with a quote even tho they spent at least an hour here looking at the job and saying they would call or email with a quote for the job. After our meeting we sat down and really thought about a budget like you suggested.  Unfortunately we are not prepared to pay the amount that you had quoted so we have decided to do things ourselves.  We have some friends who do drywall, electrical, etc.  My husband renovated two bathrooms in our house and our entire basement suite plus he is a perfectionist so to save the huge cost of labour we are going to go this route.  I think if we were set on staying in this house the rest of our lives we may have decided to go your route but we want to keep the costs down as much as possible since it is not our dream home.

I would like to thank you for your time.  We appreciated meeting you and having the opportunity to deal with you.  All the best for your future success.  From the photos on the georgie awards it is obvious you take pride in your work and do an excellent job.

Sincerely, Laura Haaksma

In 2004 a major renovation was featured in the GVHBA parade of ‘Renovated Homes’ Piano room
We are proud to have been featured in ‘Home Makeover Magazine’ in 2005 for
a basement suite constructed in Port Moody that featured a major sound
proof undertaking.
Home makover
We have received an award for technical acheivement in ‘HardSurfaces’ for a condo remediation projet undertaken in 2006/7. Hard surfaces